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Roberto Vicentti

ROBERTO VICENTTI stands for the modern groom who wants to be a key “player” on his wedding day. He wants to share with his future wife everybody’s attention. The day is unrepeatable and he has to make the most of it.

With this in mind we focus on all styling discussion and development as well as fabrics selection. We are fully concentrated in “building” a unique silhouette for a unique day. Everything has to be perfect. All details are critical.

Join our dream...


At ROBERTO VICENTTI we dream every day....

Just as the Portuguese and Spanish navigators from the 15th century departed to discover the world, we are doing the same 500 years later.

An exceptional team is building a great global Ceremony Wear brand, imagining the groom of the future and conquering the world market.

This dream is becoming more and more real as if it was a prophecy ... in our Atelier in Portugal, each Roberto Vicentti garment manufactured is more perfect than the previous one.

Join our dream ... because dreams guide life.


ROBERTO VICENTTI is the Formal Wear brand from TORRE with its more than 300 dedicated and organised staff throughout several departments and projects. All is designed, planned and manufactured directly through our own personnel and in our own infrastructures.

Total manufacturing control is one of the key elements of our strategy allowing us to provide our customers the trust they need and expect. ROBERTO VICENTTI has several teams fully dedicated to its permanent development from a Design, Quality, Marketing and Logistics point of view.

The growing acceptance from our customers to our Brand provides us the additional motivation to invest even more in the development of a worldwide strategy that we're steadily building up.

We work daily to attain the best Product and Service available in the Formal Wear trade.