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10 Honeymoon destinations for Summer 2021

22 July 2021

10 Honeymoon destinations for Summer 2021

10 Honeymoon destinations for Summer 2021

Last month, many couples were obligated to cancel their honeymoon due to the safety crisis caused by Corona virus and the border closures. Actually, some countries will start to receive more tourists and it is foreseen that in the summer months the list of countries may increase. We will set out some honeymoon destinations for summer 2021.

1.     Mauritius

One of the most coveted Africa destinations and one of the safest too. When we are speaking of islands, the risk of contamination is lower. Its main attraction is the natural paradise and its tourist accommodations assure social distance. In Mauritius you can relax in the crystalline waters, find the seabed and enjoy multitude of different aquatic activities like diving and snorkelling.

honeymoon Mauritius

2.     Botswana

Safaris are one of the most desired activities by the couples over the last few years for their honeymoon. One of the most interesting places to fulfill them is Botswana, where visiting the Chobe Nacional Park, the Delta of Okavongo… Botswana is an idyllic place to find out about Africa in its entire splendor.

honeymoon Boswana

3.     Seychelles

The Seychelles are another dream destination to honeymoon. More than 115 islands located on Indian Ocean, to the northwest of Madagascar, wait to show you a huge paradise. Mahé, Praslin and La Digue are the three most known islands from the archipelago and the ideal temperature is rated between 24ºC and 30ºC during the year. You’ll fall in love with its fauna, the palm trees, the famous sea coconut and the biggest turtles of the world.

honeymoon Seychelles

4.     Japan

The different culture attracts many couples to visit Japan on their honeymoon. We are talking about a place where tradition and modernity are founded, creating a unique setting. There, we can find places like Okinawa or Tokyo. Okinawa is an impressive set of 160 paradisiacal islands where you can observe marine turtles and swim together with stingrays. In contrast, in Tokyo, the culture and modernity take part in tandem to attracts visitors. There, you will not leave without visiting Tokyo Skytree, Sensoji Temple and Hama-rikyu Garden or go on a cruise on Tokyo Bay.

honeymoon Japan

5.     Maldives

99% of the Maldives is covered by water, so you can at least ensure a disconnect. In addition, their spas are known around the world by its modern techniques based on ancient wisdoms. Their water and seabed will let you discover hundreds of tropical fishes with unbelievable colors and shapes. The Maldives are the ideal destiny for the couples that look for both rest and adventure.

honeymoon Maldives

6.     Fiji

The Fiji Islands are surrounded by wild nature. We are speaking of 320 islands that belong to Oceania, whose capital is Suva and its most populated city is Nasinu. You can visit the volcanic islands and their volcanic lakes filled with transparent water.

The warm climate favors the pleasure of the tropical forest, the wonderful beaches of crystal clear waters and the cultural visits to Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple in Nadi, which are an obligatory stop.

honeymoon Fiji

7.     Polinesia

French Polynesian is formed by a multitude of islands in which you should enjoy natural sights, submerge in its turquoise waters, swimming with the dolphins, sharks and whales, enjoy the coral and live near the most authentic nature. One of the most wonderful islands is Bora Bora, ideal to disconnect from routine and enjoy the most romantic trip.

honeymoon Polinesia

8.     Perú

Peru is one of the destinations that offers different possibilities to intensely enjoy your honeymoon, especially if you travel in June, July, August and September. You’ll be impressed by Machu Picchu and the Secret Valley of the Incas, Lima (the capital) and the gastronomy, especially ceviches.

honeymoon Peru

9.     Balearic Islands

There is nothing safer than national tourism and one great option can be the Balearic Islands. Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Fontemontera and Cabrera make part of the Islands. You can go on a tour through the different islands by boat and enjoying the excellent summer mood.

honeymoon Balearic Islands

10.     Canary Islands

You must opt for Fuerteventura and Lanzarote as beach destinations, Grande Canaria in order to go inside the interior village, Tenerife to enjoy the different sights and the black sand beaches, La Palma to live intensely in nature, visit Caldera de Taburiente or the famous Cascata de Colores or La Gomera as the biggest attraction, the National Park of Garajonay.

honeymoon Canary Islands

The most important thing in a trip is is the booking. Opt to book with a travel agency to organize your honeymoon in a perfect perspective, offering safe guarantees and flexibility in case of cancellation.

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