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1001 Emotions: Roberto Vicentti’s 2021 Collection

26 October 2020

1001 Emotions: Roberto Vicentti’s 2021 Collection

1001 Emotions: Roberto Vicentti’s 2021 Collection

Roberto Vicentti always meant exclusivity and elegance and you’ll find it again with the new collection 2021 for the grooms. This season we bet on transmitting emotions by reflecting in each detail, the sensations that are experienced on a wedding day, all without losing the distinction of the company’s characteristics.

1001 Emotions describes the new proposals for 2021 by distinguishing four Italian-inspired collections in which the selected fabrics were judiciously selected to create perfect silhouettes. Each of them expresses emotions and sensations in which love can be celebrated through different points of view.


Actual, versatile and attractive proposals for the grooms and for the guests.  On one side, you’ll find the WEDDING collection, for the romantic grooms for whom friendship, love and family are essential values. The men who dress in pieces from Wedding collection feel the wedding as the highest point of their personal achievement. Sharing this moment with their family and friends is very important. The groom who dresses in a suit from this collection will feel happiness and anxiety by achieving his goal.


The adventurous man dreams with the ETERNAL Collection. For this groom, friendship, companionship and adventurer are essential values. This groom feels an immense pride on his wedding day. Considers the wedding as an adventure but is secure about the path he’s about to take and it’s an important moment on his life. He’s a decisive man for whom fun, confidence and enthusiasm are essential emotions.


Collection Trend is without any doubt for bold grooms sure of themselves. The TREND groom looks to stand out of the crowd on his big day by one look that emanates beauty and that offers confidence. With these proposals, Roberto Vicentti look for emotions like luxury and dress men that live with vanity their wedding, with the sponsor of the brand. This is a collection for a whole gentleman.


SPECIAL EDITION transmits joy, comfort, spontaneity on the details… and it’s designed for a man who feels fun and gratitude as fundamental values. They are affectionate grooms that dream to live their wedding to the fullest starting on an absolute tranquility state. We refer to relaxed grooms who look for being around their people.

1001 Emotions represents the actual groom who wants to be the protagonist on his wedding day with a unique and repeatable groom suit model. Dressing all the emotions is possible with 1001 Emotions.

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