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Are you a wedding guest? We are able to teach you how to dress properly

10 June 2021

Are you a wedding guest? We are able to teach you how to dress properly

Are you a wedding guest? We are able to teach you how to dress properly

In order to be the perfect guest, that are several things that must be considered and if you want to be a highlight with your wedding look, pay attention to what we can tell you.   

Choose an elegant suit

Roberto Vicentti bets on elegance on each of its creations. On the latest collection, you can find designs thatare very sophisticated and elegant. On Trend, Eternal, Wedding and Special Edition we offer suits for every man that desires to bet on a totally personal look.

The basis of a perfect style is elegance. Trend colors for the guests are black, blue, grey and Bordeaux combining sophisticated patterns, creating glamorous suits.

elegant suit

Day or night time weddings

Depending on the type of event, the definition of perfect look will change. For day time weddings and for very close grooms, as trusted friends or first-degree relatives, you can choose a daring and very elegant wedding suit style with brocade or mao collars.

Smoking is trend but it’s reserved for weddings that happen during the afternoon once they present an informal style. On Special Edition you’ll find truly elegant proposals in grey, blue or Bordeaux.

Day or night time weddings

Choosing proper accessories  

Accessories make all the difference and as for that reason, in Roberto Vicentti we have designed quality accessories. Shoes, shirts or belts are indispensable to complete a guest look. You make your choice between huge varieties of models, each of them, thought out to perfectly combine with each one of our suits.

One of the trend accessories are the cravats, ideal for the guests that look for an exclusive look. In 1001 Emotions, you will find them in plain or printed fabric, some of them combined with micro designs from the waistcoat. Which is your favorite?

Look according to the location of the celebration

One of the aspects that must be considered when we think about the look of aguest is the location of the wedding celebration or the event you will be attending. For example, for a wedding at the beach or a garden, grey or Bordeaux suits are an excellent option. For a celebration in a castle, in a palace or in a luxurious salon, you must bet on suits with patterened ties, with micro designs on the waistcoat or cravats.

Look according to the location of the celebration

Pay attention to your personality  

Dressing in a suit in which you feel comfortable and that represents your personality is essential. Therefore, in Roberto Vicentti, we bet on the recreation of different proposals for different personalities. Which conception do you have about your life and your wedding? Whichever it is, in 1001 Emotions you’ll find a suit adapted to you.

If you are a romantic groom the Wedding collection was made for you. If you’re very funny and think that your wedding is an adventure, you need to know Eternal Collection. For the daring guests, we have designed Trend models and a series of proposals for gentlemen grooms, very confident and that desire to dress in a suit that radiates beauty. Special Edition collection was created to convey happiness, comfort and spontaneity.

your personality

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