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Bachelor party. What to do and what not to do?

07 September 2022

Bachelor party. What to do and what not to do?

Bachelor party. What to do and what not to do?

One of the most eagerly awaited pre-wedding moments for friends is undoubtedly the bachelor party. Party, fun, confidences, jokes... an experience that can end in a fond memory and at the same time become the opposite. In the following post, we talk about what to do and what not to do on your bachelor party if you want it to be a success and get to the big day on the right foot. Take note!

Let's face it. Nowadays, symbolically saying goodbye to bachelorhood no longer makes so much sense on a formal level, as most couples who decide to get married have been living together for years. Nevertheless, the traditional bachelor party is a mythical event that few choose to miss. It is, symbolically, the last party before the wedding, which can lead to excesses that could take a heavy toll on the couple in the days leading up to the wedding. Therefore, when it comes to organizing it, it is necessary to be very restrained and design the plan to perfection.

A farewell with certain jokes that get out of hand can cause problems in getting to the altar on time or in the necessary conditions to enjoy the moment. Therefore, the first rule is to avoid making the groom uncomfortable or embarrassing him by talking to him and defining his wishes and priorities. The second rule is to avoid celebrating the day before or on the weekend of the wedding. In any case, the ideal is to schedule the event at least a week before, so that you have enough time to recover, rest and arrive at the ceremony in high spirits.

Defining a budget and a concrete schedule are also key aspects to consider. Ideally, an organizer should be appointed to take the lead, communicate the plans to the participants and take care of the money. Having this aspect under control before the day in question will avoid awkward conversations or scenes where paying half or revealing the price of an experience interrupts the magic of the moment. Similarly, it is essential to agree on who is invited to the farewell party so that everyone feels equally comfortable.

The bachelor party tradition often includes a surprise that is a little over the top, such as a stripper. In any case, the limits are set by the groom, so before surprising him it is always best to ask. Similarly, it is important to be careful with alcohol and introduce it into the party with moderation. This can lead to off-color phrases, comments that compromise the bride and groom or make them feel bad. On that day the intention is precisely the opposite: that they feel as happy as possible and that is always in the hands of their friends. Never let a bad moment at the bachelor party ruin the future wedding.

Joint bachelor parties, in which the couple gathers all their friends together for a special event, are becoming more and more popular. It is a quiet way to celebrate the moment, but it is perfect especially when you share the same group of friends. In any case, before organizing a bachelor party, there should always be good communication between everyone, in order to establish the limits, the wishes of the groom and to make it clear what they expect from the experience. Every couple is different and therefore, there are no specific rules that apply to all couples. As the saying goes: getting married is your responsibility. Have the time of your life on your bachelor party, it's ours. Signed: your friends.

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