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Can we marry in Blue?

09 January 2020

Can we marry in Blue?

Can we marry in Blue?

The groom’s suit has as much importance as the bride’s wedding dress. Whether in formal or informal ceremonies, the groom must be the one who highlights. On the wedding day, the groom must feel and dress well.

Blue is a colour that transmits elegance and harmony at the first sight. We recognize the importance of a good first impression and on his wedding day, the groom must transmit the best one. Blue gives confidence.

There are different styles and suit designs for different wedding styles, schedules, places and different seasons. We recommend one suit or a tailcoat in shades of blue but we must select the color and the model. There are, actually innumerable and different shades, textures and brilliancy. The accessories? The groom must select it too. He knows better than anybody what he likes and what fits him perfectly.

 The blue suit

Blue is a trendy color and a suit in this color can be used in different ceremonial events. Adding a waistcoat to the suit transforms it elegantly. The accessories (bow tie, tie, cravat) must be selected following the groom tastes. For today, we suggest a cravat. The options are various. The selected shades of blue are innumerous and we are sure that any of them would be a great choice.

 The blue groom suit

The traditional tailcoat

The tailcoat is usually used in prestigious weddings. It’s constructed through a longer back, cut in two, having just one button.

Innovating though, a classic look of a grey tailcoat can pass through the right accessory selections in shades of blue. In this look, we suggest the use of a white shirt, cravat and even, a contrasting waistcoat.

Very important: When the groom wants to dress a tailcoat, those invited must wear them too. If the groom opts to not wear it, any invited may wear it.

traditional tailcoat


We guarantee, a blue suit never disappoints. But if any of our suggestions pleased you in any particular way, get to know more about collection.

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