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Different looks for diferent personalities

10 February 2021

Different looks for diferent personalities

Different looks for diferent personalities

The perfect look doesn’t exist. Only the perfect pieces for each groom. Those who perfectly fit and enhances beauty without underestimate comfort.

Are you looking for the perfect wedding suit? So, you must know that one of the fundamental aspects you should consider is that the suit must be able to loosen your essence. After that, you can set up an elegant outfit in which you’ll attract all the eyes in the path you will take to the altar.

The new collection 1001 Emotions was designed thinking on the grooms who desire to bet on a total look that perfectly reflects him personality. The normal thing will be found suits, shoes, shirts, belts and the following basic accessories on a style to which we can’t identify with.

As for it, on Roberto Vicentti, we tried to find a solution to that problem that grooms and guests face, creating a collection based on different personalities.

We’d analyzed the personality of the grooms and their tastes and we gathers that information with the emotions they feel before life and even, before their wedding. The result was different looks for different personalities. And you have the chance to find them right now and you will probably feel incredible and safe in different models.

Atractive look for a romantic personality

All our suits are manufactured with high quality fabrics but the Wedding collection was designed to a superior point of romanticism in which may be highlighted values like family, love and friendship. Do you identify? So this one is your collection! The one that you will easily feel in love justified for the attractive proposals and the easily construction of a romantic style.

Fun looks for the adventurous men

Men who live each episode of their life as an adventure will find in wedding the most special chapter. Weddingfor them is proud motif, an adventure that overlaps everything and on which they desire to live at a maximum each detail, including the selection of the groom suit. For them, we had designed the Eternal Collection. Find it.

Cheeky look for self-assured grooms

The groom who wants to radiate beauty feeling himself as a gentleman needs to know the Collection Trend from 1001 Emotions. The pieces that compound this collection were designed for the self-assured gentlemen.

Relaxed look for a spontaneous personality

That happy and spontaneous men that constantly look for joy, over a calm point of view and surrounded by everything that transmits serenity and piece will find in Special Edition collection him ideal groom suit.

These groom looks belong to four different and italian-inspired collections on which the fabrics where judiciously chosen. The silhouettes express self emotions and sensations from different personalities, for which each groom find that suit that fits perfectly. And you, to which emotions do you connect more closely? Find out how you see your wedding and which is the suit that detaches each detail of your personality in 1001 Emotions?

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