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Eternal by Roberto Vicentti: a hymn to art, fantasy and freedom

21 November 2022

Eternal by Roberto Vicentti: a hymn to art, fantasy and freedom

Eternal by Roberto Vicentti: a hymn to art, fantasy and freedom

Freedom, extravagance and innovation inspire Roberto Vicentti's Eternal product line. An ode to fantasy thatlets the imagination fly to create unique pieces. In the following post, discover how this collection of groom's suits can captivate your senses in the same way as a piece of art: elevating your look to unimaginable levels. Ready?

In music and painting, "cappricio" is a celebration of extravagance, fantasy and imagination. An artistic expression of free essence, where the creator develops his inspiration and elevates it to a higher level. Starting from this premise, the brand Roberto Vicentti has given life this season to a new line of ceremonial suits that seeks above all, innovation and creativity.

As the name suggests, Eternal is transcendence, excellence and originality. A collection that dresses grooms who are not afraid of rebellion, lovers of small details and of everything that represents a revolution, in art, in life and in love. The line is characterised by a constant search for perfection, working with trends never seen before, combining classic elegance with modernity in a spectacular way.

The colours that inspire Eternal reinterpret the aesthetic of the ceremonial classic in a contemporary way. Their designs incorporate eccentric nuances that take the wedding look to the next level with their unique artistic style; unpredictable combinations that will blow your mind.

The palette of blues is predominant and ranges from the most open to the most faded. The deepest navy blues are also on trend, as well as almost black greys brushed with greens and maroons. All this in a context marked by a constant search for balance.

In terms of fabrics, the suits in the Eternal line are made from the finest wools, sometimes mixed with lycra, but always ofhigh quality. The looks follow the trend of micro designs, incorporating almost imperceptible geometries that give volume to the fabric and above all a certain and marked naive air. The jackets with textured micro-mosaics and jacquard-effect finishesare translated into a collection full of creativityand ingenuity, without abandoning the artisan essence and Italian inspiration as unmistakable hallmarks of the Roberto Vicentti brand.

Dare to innovate and become a groom with a passion for new trends. Let yourself be carried away by the suggestive creativity of the Eternal line and bring out the true artist in you.

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