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Express your attitude with Roberto Vicentti's new 2023 collection, With Attitude.

04 October 2022

Express your attitude with Roberto Vicentti's new 2023 collection, With Attitude.

Express your attitude with Roberto Vicentti's new 2023 collection, With Attitude.

Attitude is a value that makes you unique and allows you to show the world the best version of yourself. With Attitude is the motto of Roberto Vicentti's new 2023 collection, a hymn to freedom, with three different lines to enhance your personal style above all. A collection specially designed to dress men with very different identities, but who have something special in common. Ready to unleash your attitude...?

The most important kind of freedom is the one that leads you to become the man you really want to be, with your dreams, your particularities and your unique way of seeing the world. Living with attitude and without fear of being yourself is one of the most powerful life mottos, because of the great impact it has on your self-esteem and on the image others create of you.

With Attitude is the central philosophy of Roberto Vicentti's new 2023 collection. A motto that manages to express itself powerfully through its three lines, Feel, Eternal and Wedding. Exclusive Italian-inspired fashion specially designed to dress in diversity and to ensure that every man always shows the best of himself.

Just as thoughts, body language, words and the way we dress are our tool to transmit emotions, feelings and values, Roberto Vicentti expresses through colours, textures, fabrics and patterns, the unmistakable stamp of his personality.

Each of the lines that make up the 2023 collection is developed around a unique and genuine discourse. Feel represents the free-spirited man, taking Mother Nature as a source of inspiration: her diversity of landscapes, the freedom of the wind and the different shades of the sky. Unforgettable places to lose yourself in and find yourself again, they suggest designs made of linen and fresh wool with a rustic look and pastel colours, from old pinks to sky blues, from mint and dry greens to earth and sand tones.

Romantic Fantasy is the motto of the Eternal line, an ode to extravagance that interprets the ceremonial classic in a contemporary way. Eccentricity and imagination are combined with great importance given to the smallest detail, with revolutionary innovations that seek harmony and perfection. The artistic style of "Capriccio" is reflected in unique matrices, designed in a palette of blues, from light to deep navy, through almost black greys, brushed by greens and maroons. Eternal is dominated by superior quality Italian wool worked in micro designs, alone or mixed with lycra, offering looks with imperceptible geometries and a certain naïve air.

The ideal of utopian and fantastic civilization inspires the Trend line, under the motto The realization of dreams. As if in a dream, vibrant shades of green, maroon and blue are perfectly arranged and transformed into an imaginary artistic reproduction. The classic image of the traditional look is renewed with exciting fabrics in an enigmatic and sensory way. Similar shades contrast and pass from one colour to another in a soft and progressive way, achieving harmonious and elegant combinations. A dream for the senses that will make your imagination fly...

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