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Find out which is the groom suit’s collection for you

24 June 2021

Find out which is the groom suit’s collection for you

Find out which is the groom suit’s collection for you

There are two different core points at the time of choosing the groom suit if you want to stand out of the crowd on your wedding day: choose a sophisticated look and choose a style according with you, your tastes and your personality. Fulfill your day with glamour by dressing an elegant suit that unfastens your essence. How can you make it?

In Roberto Vicentti we have the best options for you because this Season we thought in all the emotions to create a collection about them: yours on your wedding day. 1001 Emotions is the name of this collection that includes differentiated proposals with a common factor: the quality of the fabrics and of the manufacturing, company quality seal.

Eternal: for the adventurous groom

The first line presented is Eternal, for the most adventurous grooms, those who look for the risk and have fun with new experiences. The exclusivity of the patterns on the sets will captivate you. Are you a dreamer?

At the time of designing the nuptial pieces, we had inspired ourselves in men for whom friendship and companionship are primordial values, grooms that look for an adventurous side in everything they do and that are decided and enthusiastic. 

Wedding: for the romantic groom  

Grooms that are romantic by nature are going to feel recognized with Wedding. Which emotions are you going to feel by dressing these designs? Love and Family are fundamental values, as for it, sharing the wedding with friends and family is the goal.

Wedding groom suits are manufactured for the grooms whose feel happiness on their wedding day, with each decision taken in the organization and with each selection that has to do with the big day, those men who base their life on a purest love. With 1001 Emotions we do not look for dressing men with just one suit if they don’t dress with emotions and they feel themselves represented.

Trend: for the daring groom

We do not forget the daring grooms, the ones who desire to stand out of the crowd. How to know this collection is for you? You must identify how a man secure of himself, trusting in his decisions and willing to be truly elegant on this suit.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained”. If this is one of your life quotes, this one will be one of the best groom proposals for you. With Trend, we pretend to dress man that live your wedding with vanity and that always want to be gentlemen. Our goal with this collections is to be able to toast to the bride and groom with a suit not only perfectly measured but also according to your personality.

Do you love Italian-inspired groom suits as much as we do? Which is the collection you identify yourself the most? Which line do you love the most?

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