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Find Roberto in your city

08 February 2022

Find Roberto in your city

Find Roberto in your city

Are you looking for your ideal wedding suit? This post will interest you! The website offers you a complete tool to locate the brand's points of sale throughout the European continent, allowing you to know the available collections and much more. Find the nearest stores to your location, discover all the facilities that the brand offers you and get ready for a perfect shopping experience.

complete tool to locate the brand's points

Happiness, exclusivity and elegance are three of the main values of the Roberto Vicentti brand. A name that encompasses in an excellent way the main desires of the contemporary man, placing within your reach a whole universe of design and quality. It is a global brand, with an innovative spirit and an extensive representation throughout the European continent, with the desire to take the name Roberto to the farthest corners of the world.

values of the Roberto Vicentti brand

Roberto is present in a total of nine European countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland, with a total of 197 points of sale in the main cities of each country. Chances are there is one available near you. And to locate it, the website has developed a complete and practical Store locator, where you can navigate until you find all the information you need to make your appointment in the nearest city and start looking for your perfect wedding suit.

complete and practical Store locator

The tool has a powerful filter, through which you can select the country and then the city that interests you, providing you with a complete list of outlets where the Roberto Vicentti brand is present, locating them visually on a virtual map. Once you have obtained the filter, the locator allows you to distinguish between Authorized and Premium outlets - a total of 34 across Europe - with a large number of products available.

outlets where the Roberto Vicentti brand is present

From each store, you have the basic contact information, address, phone number and email address, so you can talk to them, solve questions and plan an appointment, as well as a link called Get to know the store, which expands the information with a map linked to the Google Maps platform. In establishments with the Premium seal, the tool also provides you with a contact form, so you can request an appointment online in advance and thus achieve an unbeatable shopping experience.

request an appointment online

Dive into the Roberto Vicentti page and discover its entire universe of fashion, quality, art, and multiple facilities at your fingertips, designed to make you enjoy the adventure of finding your ideal groom's suit. Are you ready?

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