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Four reasons to celebrate your wedding ceremony in the countryside

03 April 2023

Four reasons to celebrate your wedding ceremony in the countryside

Four reasons to celebrate your wedding ceremony in the countryside

Celebrating your wedding ceremony in a natural scenarious is always a good idea. The atmosphere of the countryside gives the event extra charm and a good dose of personality and immerses your guests in a scenario full of magic, positive energy and mystery. Are you still hesitating about choosing this location for the ceremony? In the following post, we give you four good reasons to celebrate a wedding in the countryside and succeed with your choice.

country wedding

When it comes to choosing the setting in which to celebrate your wedding, you may have a lot of doubts about which is the best option, the countryside or the city. Choosing between an urban or a rural scenario will be the first question you will have to answer depending on the style you want to give to your celebration: sophisticated, elegant, warm, bohemian, informal... Are you lacking reasons to go to the countryside? Here are our four compelling reasons:

1. Country weddings are in fashiond, like all things natural, they triumph in the marriage universe for their great charisma and powerful personality. In our era, sustainability and ecology are words that resonate in every field, including events, to adapt them to the urgent needs of the planet. Why not go for it in your ceremony?

moonlight wedding

2. The countryside allows you to experience romance in its purest form. Enjoy a sunset under the stars or even a romantic wedding dance under the open sky, with the sound, colours and aromas that Mother Nature gives us. Especially if the wedding takes place in spring or summer, the spectacle will never disappoint you.

wedding and flowers

3. A ceremony in the countryside will generally be a more economical option than a celebration in an event hall. The infinite natural beauty of the space will reduce the need for floral arrangements and will introduce you to the huge and current universe of hand-made, which is booming more than ever and fits perfectly with this type of wedding. Therefore, it will be easy for you to find decoration ideas that will leave your friends and family speechless.

welcome to the wedding

4. Maximum versatility of the space. Whether you are looking for a simpler ceremony or you want to organise a more sophisticated and formal event, anything is possible in this scenario. By increasing the investment, the countryside allows you to create scenarios that match the best wedding and banqueting halls. From an open-air ceremony, with wooden benches or straw balls, to a tent with lighting and surround sound. You decide the level.

wedding with animals

Now that you have four good reasons, you may find it easier to choose the countryside for your wedding ceremony. If you finally choose this option, remember to surround yourself with the best suppliers experienced in this type of space, who can advise you on what elements and details will be essential for everything to go perfectly. Opting for natural is always a good idea, and it will also allow you to wear a boho-style groom's suit that will make you look trendy, blend in with the environment and feel comfortable and relaxed. What more could you ask for?

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