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Groom suits with personality that drive 2022 trend

16 November 2021

Groom suits with personality that drive 2022 trend

Groom suits with personality that drive 2022 trend

Attributes like elegance, creativity and a strong masculine style, drive the 2022 bridegroom trend list. A year that comes with a lot of eclectic proposals, for the kind of men that wants to highlight from the others –with his strength and attitude. Geometrical patterns, brocades, natural fabrics and the protagonist- the blue color- are some of the essentials. Of course we can´t forget the quality of their garment, that is a forever trend, no matter the style or pattern. If you´re going to marry in 2022 we will show you the bridegroom suits that will be a success this season. Take notes!

2022 bridegroom

The eclecticism is the common domain in the 2022 Bridegroom Collections. Suits that preserve the essence of the classic, but also incorporate disruptive color hues, creating an harmonic and suggestive conjugation of styles that doesn´t leave anyone indifferent. The 2022 suits collection dare with the mix of styles, patterns, textures and complements, but always in an elegant and linear way, preserving in essence, every year proposals.

2022 Bridegroom Collections

The blue is one of the durable classics in every ceremony suits that praises collection after collection. It´s again a must in this 2022 season, mostly in tones like Midnight Blue or Dark Blue. A suggestive and versatile color that accepts multiple mixes because of its finesse and neutrality.

ceremony suits

The Italian fabrics with texture
are also relevant in this 2022 season, with cheeky brocade designs that bet in their floral and geometric patrons, with contrast between textures. The jacquard patron it´s one of the highlighted genres, with a mix of luxury and eccentricity, whose aesthetics allows infinite options.

Italian fabrics with texture

The most sober proposals, like grey or black, reborn with power, mixed with silver. Brushstrokes of bordeaux or blue, mix with this colors, innovating at a chromatic level and connecting modernity and tradition. All of it in italian wool fabrics that highlight by its classicism and quality. 

italian wool fabrics

Cerimonial bright fabrics are another trend in the 2022 Season, mostly in grey, blue and green colors. Bridegroom suits that transmit creativity and sophistication, for those who enhance their light and character.

 Bridegroom suits

The boho style continues really present in this 2022 season, to dress the boho event passionate bridegrooms. Dressing up with linen suits in bright colors like Bordeaux, green or light blue, perfect to ceremonies on the beach or in the country – more wild. Multiple choices, that fit in each bridegroom style by betting on the creativity and preserving the good taste and quality, above all things.

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