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How does a Roberto Vicentti 2022 groom look like?

01 October 2021

How does a Roberto Vicentti 2022 groom look like?

How does a Roberto Vicentti 2022 groom look like?

Tips to boost your attitude through a groom's suit

The new Roberto Vicentti 2022 collection of suits conveys charisma and style without the need for words. A legacy that stands out for its fabrics, patterns, colors and textures to scream at the top of his lungs that its attitude exalts romance, evokes naturalness and enhances commitment like never before. Irresistible, mysterious, joyful and authentic, the 2022 Roberto groom reflects four product lines full of strength and style, where the best of each man brings out its different aspects: Eternal, Wedding, Trend and Feel. Because everything in life is about attitude, that's the Roberto Vicentti groom in its new 2022 collection. Come find it.



Committed to the present and the future

The Roberto Vicentti 2022 collection evokes a groom that’s committed to the environment and a way of progress that takes into consideration the earth's natural balance in order to keep tomorrow's resources safe. One of his principles is to ensure the sustainability of the planet and meet the needs of the present in a fierce struggle so that the future is not disposable.

  groom that’s committed to the environment sustainability

The Roberto Vicentti 2022 groom has an open mind to new experiences, especially those in which “less is more” and flees from almost compulsive consumption to make room for another way of consumption which is more significant and conscious.


Roberto Vicentti 2022 groom


Irresistible and proud to be himself

Roberto Vicentti 2022 groom is a strong, determined, different man, who always tries to play his best game, betting for the best look through his groom's suit. No labels or clichés. Proud of what makes him unique, classy, creative and romantic, those around him enjoy his irresistible joy. He's a man who bets on a groom's suit that enhances his illusions and emotions. An outfit that helps to arouse desire, looking for his own trends, standing out from the conventional.

 strong, determined, different man

Mysterious, attractive and provocative

Roberto Vicentti 2022 groom is a man who bursts with light and fantasy, provoking desire and sensuality in his life mate. His image is all about splendor, enhancing positive emotions associated with the energy he emanates. In his wedding outfit, he gets away from the basics and tries to stand out through the details. He is mysterious, attractive, and provocative and enjoys every new experience that comes his way. A wave of refinement and elegance capable of awakening hidden emotions…

 man who bursts with light and fantasy veneza


Natural, avoiding artifice and showing himself just as he is

The Roberto Vicentti 2022 groom is 100% natural, spontaneous and fresh. A groom who builds his identity without neglecting his elegance and personality and assuming more natural, comfortable and versatile styles, which allow him to be himself.



These singularities inspire a line of groom's suits based on colors, textures and emotions, as offered by Mother Nature. He expresses carefree and original elegance, highlighting romance and a sense of freedom. A whole statement of principles that enhances the ease in bridal trends and makes way to a new concept of outfit for the contemporary groom.


 100% BOHO GROOMS beach weddings



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