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How to choose the colour of the groom suit: the meaning of the colours

15 April 2021

How to choose the colour of the groom suit: the meaning of the colours

How to choose the colour of the groom suit: the meaning of the colours

Colour enriches life, even more when we think of a ceremony, where every detail is chosen in detail. The colour offers personality to an event or in this case, to a look. When we think of a groom, the chromatic choice must not be selected randomly but judiciously. This means we must think on the type of wedding that we want to realize or alternatively on the personality of the groom.

Wear a groom suit that releases your essence and that is represented by the colour choice, its details and the emotions you may feel on such special day. The collection 1001 Emotions wants to represent the different feelings and emotions that each groom has and considering this, each suit was designed to represent one emotion.

The colours define one style and represent one personality and because of this it’s important to understand the meaning of each at the moment of celebration. Elect it after your point of view is essential. Which colour represents you? Read the details below on each particular colour.

Black groom suits  

“One groom, different emotions”, is the motto of the 1001 Emotions collection. Let’s start by the groom suits, the most chosen colour by the men. Black must be elected for evening ceremonies. Black nuances elegance and sophistication. The Eternal Collection foresees different black models in different shades that reflects security and the proud you feel on your wedding day.

Blue grooms suits

Blue represents calm and well-being and offers a wide range of shades from dark blue to lighter shades, ideal for beach ceremonies. The shades are so varied as to match with the different type of grooms to which the suits can be related to. The dark blue suits are appropriate for men who hold values such as justice, tranquility, serenity and the truth -  ideals for the new beginnings like a wedding.

However, the lighter shades of blue, besides the fact that they are exclusive for outdoor wedding or morning weddings, they convey serenity, joy, enthusiasm and security. On the 1001 Emotions Collection, you’ll find blue groom suits for every taste.

Grey groom suits

The grey groom suits are other of the most selected colors by the grooms considering its versatility according with the design and its emotional meaning. The micro designs are for the daring grooms and the plain models for those who bet on a classic style. Roberto Vicentti offers actual, versatile and attractive suits in grey color on Wedding and Eternal color. The men that get them, enchanted by grey suits or any of their shades, feel the wedding as their maximum point of personal achievement giving happiness the importance it deserves.

Bordeaux Groom suits

Designed for the adventurous grooms, who interpret their wedding as an adventure, totally convinced of the importance of the step they will give. They are enthusiastic and enjoy friendship and companion, priories to be with their friends and family and enjoy emotions. Do you feel that this color is yours? Do not underestimate knowing the proposals of Eternal Collection. You will be in love.

Green Groom suits

The green colour is one of the colours that spreads joy and spontaneity. Its’ defined for the grooms that can find themselves on the comfort of those emotions, that feel fun is a fundamental value and that decide to live their wedding to the fullest but surrounded by their friends and family trying to achieve completely tranquil. Special Edition helps you find sensational models in green

In addition to choosing the color, it’s importance to taking into account the quality of the fabrics. On the exclusive designs from 1001 Emotions you will find Italian-inspired suits, on which fabrics were judiciously chosen to create perfect silhouettes. Dress according with who you really are: the protagonist.  

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