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How to include children in the ceremony

07 February 2023

How to include children in the ceremony

How to include children in the ceremony

When children are present, weddings take on a unique character, as they bring a touch of tenderness and joy to the celebration. While it is true that these little guests require special attention during the party, there are many ways to include them to the maximum and give them a place of honour in the ceremony. In the following post, we give you some ideas for them to feel and enjoy their share of the spotlight.

children in the ceremony

Nothing makes a child happier than making them feel important. Although a wedding is mostly a celebration for adults, incorporating children actively in the different parts of the party can add a very special touch to your big day. There are different ways to get them involved and one of them is by including them in the entrance entourage to the ceremony. Both girls and boys can wear outfits that match the couple’s look, to give the moment a much more elegant and distinguished look and, depending on their age, they can either walk hand in hand with the bride and groom or in front, decorating the floor with petals and preparing the way.

ring boys

During the ceremony, children can be in charge of carrying the wedding rings at the moment of the exchange, adding an extra dose of tenderness to the scene. If they are old enough to read, they can even dare to recite a simple, short love poem dedicated to the couple. If a specific ritual or ceremony is included that requires other elements, such as arras or candles, they can also hold them or hand them to the bride and groom when the time comes.

At the end of the ceremony, the children can be responsible for handing out rice cones or petals to the guests to throw at the newlyweds as they leave. This is sure to be twice as fun for them.

girl dressed in white at the ceremony

When there are a considerable number of children at a wedding, it will be ideal to consider the option of hiring some kind of special entertainment for them. Prepare a specific menu and include a large, eye-catching sweets table. And don't forget to include the children in the photo shoot to give an unforgettable touch to the memory of your big day.

A wedding with children will always have its pros and cons, but their presence can give the event an extra dose of happiness, sweetness and emotion.

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