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How to include pets in the ceremony

06 July 2022

How to include pets in the ceremony

How to include pets in the ceremony

They are another member of the family. They share with us our daily life, our happy moments and at the same time the most difficult ones. They are the best example of unconditional love. So how can we not make them part of our most important day? More and more couples are joining the idea of integrating their pets in the wedding celebration, either in a physical or symbolic way. In the following post, we give you some ideas to make it even more special.

pets in the wedding celebration

Pets are friendly beings that say a lot about us. They are an essential part of the family and that's why we don't want to leave them out of the celebration of the most important day of our lives. There are countless ways to integrate them, depending on how adventurous we feel and also on the character of our pet. Whatever the case may be, having them present will always be endearing for our guests and will also give your wedding a very original touch.

original wedding

Including our pet in the wedding day can be a beautiful experience, but at the same time stressful if we don't take into account some important aspects. Although emotionally we consider them to be just another member of the party, we must not forget that in practice this is not the case and that their needs are very different to those of the rest of the guests. Therefore, we must make sure that the environment is suitable and that their care and attention are guaranteed, so that the idyllic moment does not turn into a bad time. Look for a pet-friendly space with outdoor areas suitable for animals and organize in advance who is going to take care of them during the party, are aspects that we must not forget.

include your pet in the wedding day

If your pet is a sociable animal and is not afraid of hustle and bustle or strangers, it can be a leading figure in certain key moments of the celebration. Few images are more endearing than a bridal party led by your pet. So how about assigning it the role of ring bearer? If, on the other hand, your friend is not very social, integrating him on the photo shoot can be an ideal option. The three of you, the photographer and an outdoor scenario to capture beautiful memories together will be the perfect, stress-free alternative to involve him in the big day.

bridal party led by your pet

For those of you who decide that the celebration may not be the best place for him, having your pet present in a symbolic way can also be endearing. Why not integrate him into the wedding stationery, as a common feature of invitations or seating plan? The pre-wedding also has very special moments in which your pet can be involved. Can you imagine communicating your engagement or making a save the date starring them? And in case you're short of ideas, including them on the cake or preparing a thank you gift with their face can give it that genuine touch you were looking for and at the same time show your friends and family how important they are to you.

save the date with dog

As you can see, there are infinite ways for your best friend to be part of the big day. You know him better than anyone and you will surely know how to find the one that works best and allows you all to enjoy the moment equally.

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