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How to surprise your partner on your wedding day

24 January 2023

How to surprise your partner on your wedding day

How to surprise your partner on your wedding day

A wedding is full of emotions event full. A day to laugh, cry, enjoy and remember forever. And, of course, it is also the perfect day to surprise your favourite person and make them even happier. In the following article, we give you some original ideas to impress your partner on the day of your wedding and leave him or her speechless. Ready?

surprise the soulmate

Show love is far more powerful than words. That's why it's so important for a couple to the existence of moments, details and initiative to keep the flame of passion alive. Your wedding day is the perfect time to make it clear to your partner that these aspects are still alive and thus seal the commitment with more strength, enthusiasm and intensity. There are 1001 ways to make your partner happy on your big day, but we want to highlight some of the most inspiring ones. Take note!

demonstrations of love

Doing something you were always embarrassed to do is a nice way to show her that, for her, you are capable of overcoming all your fears. How about surprising her by singing one of her favourite songs during dinner? You can also secretly prepare one choreography with your friends, where you express your love in a fun way or play her favourite band during the banquet while you dedicate a special speech to her, in the style of the best American movies. Remember: music is always the best way to touch the heart.

surprises on the wedding day

Express in a handwritten letter everything you feel for her, your wishes and memories; your beginnings and what is to come. Prepare a special wrapping and give it to her on your nuptial night. As the years go by, this kind of gesture tends to be left aside due to routine and stability, so she will surely love it. You can include a list of resolutions that you would like to fulfil with her in this new stage and even leave a space to outline, both together, plans and projects in common.

handwritten love letter

private surprise

If you want to surprise her in a less profound, but equally fresh and original way, you can do so by choosing the groom's suit she always wanted you to dress and, why not, delighting her with a change of look for the party, something that is usually reserved exclusively for the bride. You can wear two suits or simply give a more casual touch to the outfit, eliminating or adding new accessories and replacing the shoes with a pair of trainers.

Because classic romanticism never fails, a huge bouquet of her favourite flowers with a special message will always be a perfect option. You can also choose any time during the party to give her an unexpected gift, something you know she's looking forward to having. How about a romantic city getaway for a post-wedding photo shoot? Top it off with a spectacular fireworks display and get ready to touch her heart.

bunch of flowers with message

There are 1001 ways to leave your favourite person open-mouthed, only you know them inside out and know what impresses her. However, whatever you do, remember that the intention will always be the most important thing. The will to keep surprising her every day of your life is the best gift you can give her.

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