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Ideas for a music-themed wedding

16 January 2023

Ideas for a music-themed wedding

Ideas for a music-themed wedding

Music is an essential element in a wedding. It enhances emotion, awakens feelings and helps to give your big day a touch of personality. If you are a music lover by nature, in this post you will find the best ideas to surprise your guests and organise an authentic music-themed wedding. Pay attention!

They say that music is love searching for words. A powerful element that can give names to the unnameable and communicate the unknown. If when you imagine your perfect wedding, music is the central element, you are the ideal candidate to organise a themed evening between notes and music sheets. Every wedding celebration always has a musical side that complements each scene and adds emotion and charisma. In this case, we propose you to go one step further and cover the whole evening with it. Ready?

Planning a music-themed wedding offers endless possibilities, starting, of course, with your letter of introduction: the invitations. How about giving them the shape of a personalised concert ticket? If you are a fan of a particular musical genre or group, you can take inspiration from a real ticket that you still have at home. And if you are looking for a more classic style, you can use the verse of a song and add it to the text as a statement of intent. The words of songs like Marvin Gaye's “Ain't no mountain high enough”, Eric Clapton's “Change the world” or Nat King Cole's “Unforgettable”, would be perfect.

When decorating the space, the vinyl’s will be a unique element to give personality to the environment. They can star in the seating plan or even be used as an under plate. To ensure that all the stationery also follows the common thread, a good idea is to print the minutes of the menu on sheet music. Dressing up a corner with an old gramophone, a drum set, a vintage record player or even a photo call with wigs, in the style of Elvis and Olivia Newton-John will add a unique touch to the decoration.

Music will be the aspect that you will have to take care of the most, especially in the main moments of the day. You can choose a specific style or several themes in particular that speak of you and your personal tastes. Whether you are a fan of musicals or you love 90's rock, look for a common thread when choosing the professionals who will be in charge of livening up the evening. And above all, make sure that at key moments such as the bride's entrance, the exchange of rings or the wedding dance, memorable songs are played to leave your guests speechless.

In a themed wedding, every detail counts. If music is your passion, dress elements such as the wedding cake or even the bride's jewellery and the groom's cufflinks with musical notes or instruments. As a gift for your friends and family, you can compile the soundtrack of the big day and record it on a personalised USB; an original gift that will serve to remind them of your wedding forever. And as a cherry on top of the cake, you can even add to your photo reportage some element, such as an electric guitar to make the moment more playful. In any case, remember that music is the true and most beautiful universal language. Enjoy!

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