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I’m engaged but I don’t want the traditional look. What should I choose?

03 May 2022

I’m engaged but I don’t want the traditional look. What should I choose?

I’m engaged but I don’t want the traditional look. What should I choose?

Your personality is overwhelming, your daily outfits always have that distinctive touch that characterises you and you love to innovate and stand out through your style. It is clear that on your wedding day you are not going to be a classic and traditional groom. Fortunately, nowadays the options are endless and there are suggestions for men who are looking for a less formal touch in their looks. Roberto Vicentti's Eternal collection is one of them. Find out how the alternative groom of the 21st century dresses in the following post.

Roberto Vicentti's Eternal collection

When you imagine yourself dressed as a groom on your wedding day, you don't visualise the typical classic and conventional image. Your essence is that of a conservative man, committed to your decisions and exemplary in attitude, but there is something in you that cries out to break with the established in terms of style and formality. Therefore, your suit will be the perfect vehicle to add that personal touch, playing with patterns that go out of the ordinary and surprise with their originality.

 groom on your wedding day

The 21st century groom has within his reach an infinite number of trends, to find the one that best identifies him and suits his personality. Ceremony collections incorporate multiple textures, prints and original and surprising finishes in their catalogues, which break with the most classic designs, but without abandoning the elegance that this type of clothing requires.

Ceremony collections

Roberto Vicentti perfectly masters the art of combining the classicism of Italian fabrics with modern design, turning each piece into a bridal jewel. Its Eternal collection of suits is perfect for men with an adventurous spirit, in love with life and lovers of new experiences, but committed to their decisions with the utmost seriousness. Grooms looking for an outfit out of the ordinary, but without risking too much, innovating in colours and fabrics, but keeping that traditional touch.

Grooms looking for an outfit out of the ordinary

Eternal stands out for its Italian suits in the highest quality wool, its impeccable patterns and harmonious shapes, giving life to smokings that enhance the male figure with strength and character. Its wool textures combined with silk and mohair, add luxury and exclusivity to the garments and its discreet micro prints bring style and originality to the look. Accessories in innovative colours and patterns take centre stage with their light and charisma. Bright colours, such as burgundy, green or the eternal blue, give shape to this collection, which symbolises a perfect cocktail of timeless sensations.

Italian suits in the highest quality wool

If you have recently got engaged and don't want to wear the usual formal groom's look, Eternal is an ideal option. To be you without sacrificing elegance. To innovate and surprise your friends and family. To feel the imposing, the security and the distinction that only committed men can evoke. Discover it!

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