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Manifest from a groom named Roberto

08 March 2022

Manifest from a groom named Roberto

Manifest from a groom named Roberto

Powerful, authentic, loyal. This is Roberto. A man who leaves his mark on society with his incomparable style and inimitable charisma. A groom who is passionate about fashion, who watches over the sustainability of the planet, who is faithful to his principles, and who never, ever looks back. Do you want to get to know him better? This is his manifest.

groom who is passionate about fashion

"My name is Roberto, and one of my main maxims is to walk with consciousness and freedom. Because life is made to be lived, but at the same time to conceive that it is a gift impossible to despise. That is why I am faithful to fashion and hate to go unnoticed, but without ever leaving aside the responsibility to the natural environment, looking for brands that are committed to balance and respect for mother earth. Home of everything. Mother of all."

faithful  to fashion

"First impressions are the ones that count. In our personal lives, at work, with our most important people... For me it is a priority to leave a mark in each of my actions, thinking about how to make others a little happier. It is the way to have a strong impact on this society. Standing up for principles. Betting on values that will never die: fidelity, loyalty and honesty."

leave a mark in each of my actions

"The body is our biggest temple. That is why taking care of it should be a priority. I like to lead an active life and be fully aware of the signals my body sends me. I never neglect physical exercise and enjoy my diet. The mind is the main organ, the one that connects the senses and makes us who we really are. Cultivating it is basic and feeding myself with new learning and experiences is a maxim for me.

Confidence marks a man's personality. That's why I try to be decisive in my actions and have confidence in my personal instinct. When I make a decision, I take it firmly and never look back. Believing in yourself is fundamental to leading a full and exemplary life."

Believing in yourself is fundamental

"My wedding day is a unique date that I don't want to miss. My style and look must be up to it, with an attractive and elegant design that denotes quality above all else. The brand I choose should be true to my principles, aligned with my values, and give me enough confidence to know I'm making the best choice."

wedding day

"Authenticity is a value that makes us unique, that makes us true to who we are, and that allows us to offer the best of ourselves to the world. This is my main motivation, whatever the occasion, time or place. I declare it in this manifest, for the record and for other men who want to follow my pattern."


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