Three well defined styles elevate the collection 2019. They say, the opposites attract each other. Do they?

The ETERNAL line is classic and elegant.  The tailor concept has inspired one line that tries to reintegrate classic fabrics and rich raw materials.

On the opposite, the TREND line. A daring, fun and innovate line. Rare and elegant patterns, bold chromatic strands that allow us to characterize this as truly irreverent!

The opposites attract each other. They attract and complete themselves. The WEDDING line puts together the classicism and irreverence. The symbioses made on a sophisticated and modern silhouette. It’s an eclectic and charismatic style. It’s the sublime elegance. 

Blue continues to be a big trend in midnight and marine shades! Greys are highlighted in Bordeaux and blues, creating new innovative chromatic shades. The gold colours are featured. The classics tonEs can’t be forgotten… the collection even stands out in black and silver!

Made with love, this collection was designed thinking of the groom, who assumes the prominent figure on a wedding day! We didn’t forget the friends and others invited.