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New wedding suit trends. Wedding Line

08 November 2022

New wedding suit trends. Wedding Line

New wedding suit trends. Wedding Line

Rich and vibrant fabrics. Imperceptible geometries. A collection of wedding suits brimming with fantasy and imagination, which reinterprets the classic ceremonial in a unique way. This is Wedding, Roberto Vicentti's most romantic line, where illusion and the search for perfection are combined in surprising looks, pure object of desire and sophistication. In the following post, discover the trends that characterise this collection. A real dream of love, longing to come true...

With its new Wedding suit line, Roberto Vicentti seeks to evoke an imaginary ideal civilisation; a fantasy universe where style, seduction and art come together in a sublime way, to inspire men's fashion and bring it to life in ways never seen before. This ambitious symbology is reflected in all its designs. Unique outfits that enhance the attitude and personality of the modern man to elevate him to the highest level.

Vibrant, satiny fabrics refresh traditional designs in an enigmatic and sensorialway, giving special prominence to dark colours as a true emblem of mystery and masculinity. Italian wool and lycra of superior quality give life to elegant and suggestive suits, with micro designs, jacquard and imperceptible geometries that combine in an ingenious and discreet way to give that distinguished touch to the ceremonial look.

Plain, brocade or with micro-patterns, the suits in the Wedding line always seek chromatic harmony as a whole, while maintaining this desire for perfection. The collection combines different shades of blue, from the most open blues to greys and deep navy blues, through almost black greys, brushed with greens and maroons. Bright tones mixed and arranged in a perfect way, with balanced transitions between them. In Wedding, the mono-colour looks take the lead, with black and blue absolutely predominating, always coordinated with details in the same shade.

The brand's signature romanticism is captured in renewed classic patterns that introduce unique ornamental elements to bring luxury, eccentricity and glamour to wedding fashion. Peaked lapel blazers are complemented by Mao collar designs, crossover waistcoats, robust cravats and original details, giving the collection a delicate touch of extravagance and whimsy.

This is Wedding. Trends, innovation and seduction. An ode to the artistic imaginary that bridal fashion pursues, ambitious and transcendent, capable of elevating the male personality and making it a true role model. Discover it!

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