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Numerology-related superstitions around the wedding date

17 March 2023

Numerology-related superstitions around the wedding date

Numerology-related superstitions around the wedding date

Are you superstitious? Do you have doubts about which wedding date to choose? There are many beliefs and myths related to numerology, which can influence you when choosing the best date for the big day. If you are one of those who never go under scaffolding, never leave your scissors open on the table or shudder when you come across a black cat, this post is for you. Put your apprehension aside and read on...

superstitions with numerology in marriage

Refusing to get married on Friday the 13th is an internationally popular custom. This number takes the prize for the most feared in the calendar because of its powerful symbolic charge, associated with the tenebrous and the dark. So much so that there is even a word for the concrete and irrational fear of this date: paraskevidekatriaphobia. This may not be your case, as we are talking about anextreme, but many couples scrupulously analyse the calendar before setting their wedding date with the sole aim of avoiding superstition as much as possible.

get married on a friday the 13th

The meaning of numbers varies across cultures, taking on positive and negative connotations depending on the country in question. The origins of numerical symbolism date back to ancient Mesopotamia. The Pythagorean sects boosted its expansion, giving numbers mystical and powerful meanings, related to beauty, evil and love. 10, for example, was for them the number of balance, associated with the absolute perfection contained in nature. Kabbalistics in Judaism and the magic typical of the medieval era have been transported into our era, where esotericism has once again extolled the power of numerology, with speculations that are far removed from empirical science. So why do they continue to influence us so much?

meaning of number 10 in marriage

According to Christian culture, 2 is the number of sociability, marriage and love. For this reason, 2/02/2022 became one of the most desired dates to get married in the western era. Good fortune is doubly attached to this number, as the theory attributes it to any even number as well. In Eastern countries, something similar happens with the numbers 8 and 9, which are associated respectively with wealth, health and durability. It is not surprising that in the years ending in these numbers, weddings are celebrated on a massive scale in the country. 1 is the most complex number in Chinese culture, symbolising the beginning of everything and unity. The same does not apply to 4, a number associated with death, or 7, which is also unpopular in Asian countries, unlike the Jewish or Christian cultures which elevate it to the status of a sacred number. So where does the truth lie?

most desired dates to marry

If you are still unsure about the day on which to get married, you have two options: choose the date that suits you best or let numerology and superstition guide you. In neither case is there any certain science as to whether your marriage will experience good or bad luck. So when it comes to looking at the calendar, it is always best to trust your heart.

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