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One Night Love Story

29 October 2021

One Night Love Story

One Night Love Story

Venice, the city of love. Colorist, charismatic, exciting… A unique scenery that gets dressed in passion when Roberto arrives.

Discover our little tribute to this mysterious capital, where every corner comes alive thanks to the exciting Roberto Vincentti 2022 collection. Get ready to unveil the most mysterious man through unrepeatable scenes and moments. A magic that few places are able to evoke.


Few scenarios in the world are capable of bringing together so much passion and mystery as the city of Venice. It’s a mythical place where the usual paths are replaced by romantic channels; facades of Renaissance and Gothic palaces, crowded squares and Byzantine mosaics. Art and enigma are the attributes of this unique Italian capital, mixing luxury and eccentricity.

Venice is the backdrop for a more romantic and mysterious Roberto Vincenttigroom than ever. A wave of refinement and elegance unleashes on every corner you step on, awakening passions. It enchants hearts, transforming moments with its unique, mystical and dark style.

In Venice, Roberto is a man who transmits light and fantasy and makes his life partner feel the sexiest in the world. Roberto is synonymous with splendor, stimulating the positive emotions that emerge from his powerful energy. The Roberto groom breaks loose of the basics and tries to stand out. He is attractive, provocative and enjoys every new experience.

Venice and all the emotional aspects surrounding this magical city are a source of inspiration for Roberto Vincentti's 2022 Trend line. A collection designed for newlyweds looking to give free rein to their passion. Its designs dress an enigmatic and exciting man, who’s bold and a gentleman. It is the most intense and equally the most baroque collection, parallel to this city where art mixes with secrecy, where personality is hidden behind luxurious masks, a symbol of art and tradition.

The Trend line is nourished by irreverent brocades and unusual chromatic patterns. These are details that stand out in a 2022collection of groom's suits where Italian fabrics with floral, geometric and even jacquard details are highlighted. Micro designs that contrast with glossy and matte textures, giving shape to a proposal that is, in turn, noble and seductive.

Shades of blue, such as midnight or navy are the strong and essential point of the new Roberto Vincentti 2022 collection. Grays, brushstrokes with burgundy and blue also stand out, creating new and innovative hues. Black and silver, as well as the symbiosis between both colors, are a predominant classic throughout the line of formal wear.

A deep and enigmatic catalogue, capable of attracting eyes and awakening hidden feelings. With the Trend line, Roberto becomes a seductive and unique magnet, symbol and myth of Venice: the city that saw him rise.

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