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Roberto Vicentti Feel: more natural, authentic and spontaneous than ever

06 December 2022

Roberto Vicentti Feel: more natural, authentic and spontaneous than ever

Roberto Vicentti Feel: more natural, authentic and spontaneous than ever

Grooms with a free spirit, a rebellious soul and a passion for nature. This is how Roberto Vicentti's Feel suits line defines its essence, a hymn to Mother Nature in its fullness and diversity. If you are looking for a wedding outfit that gives you energy, character and freedom, this post is for you.

Free Spirit is the motto of the new collection of Feel suits by Roberto Vicentti, designed to dress grooms with a free soul and a natural spirit. Mother Nature inspires its creations, with its colours, textures and the richness of its sensations. The sky and its different shades, which cover the whole palette of pastel colours, from sunrise to sunset; the rebelliousness of the wind, which gives the fabrics touches of brightness and freedom; the diversity of landscapes, which change at the dawn of each new day, with endless nuances, charisma and personality.

The collection covers a varied chromatic palette, always with that fresh and dynamic touch suggested by Mother Nature, seeking the perfect balance between elegance, comfort and formality. Pastel colours take on special prominence and come to life in combinations that seek above all naturalness. In their lighter ranges, old pinks and sky blues stand out, drifting towards more intense combinations where there is room for everything from mint to dry greens to earth and sand tones.

An explosion of textures inspired by nature, preserving the purest essence of the materials, looking for that often rustic touch, but always fresh and youthful. Mixtures of linen and fresh wool are combined in fabrics that show purity in their texture, providing an elegant and very modern look. The collection consists mostly of monochromatic suits, where details are always integrated in a delicate and subtle way, without extravagance. Suit and accessories always follow the same line, seeking to maintain balance and establishing that parallelism between perfection and harmony inherent in nature.

Blazers, mostly with two buttons, are complemented by double-breasted vests, almost always plain and integrated into a single-colour ensemble, which combines the different elements with maximum balance. The bow tie is the star accessory in the Feel collection, seeking that casual yet exclusive touch, so characteristic of the Roberto Vicentti brand. If you are a great lover of nature and you are looking for a suit with a boho touch and a special charisma, Feel will undoubtedly be your ideal collection.

Never underestimate the unimaginable power of Mother Nature and the effects of its energy and perfect magnificence. Are you a Feel groom?

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