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She said yes, and now?

22 January 2020

She said yes, and now?

She said yes, and now?

You took the courage needed, took the first step and asked the women of your life in marriage. Too nervous? Of course not, the question was just to put you under evaluation. You made a great figure, we know. The moment was special as you had idealized? Perfect! She said yes and you her a wonderful engagement ring. Fantastic, what about now? If your head says to you: “she will take care of everything and everything will be perfect.” Think again. You must assume some responsibility.


But don’t worry. We will help you, a lot. And now. The essential:


Wedding notebook

The first step: buying a wedding notebook. It will help you both in all the organization. Defining tasks, borrow the concluded ones.

[Thought: We will make everything occur perfectly.]


The wedding day

 The wedding day must be the first date scheduled in your notebook and the first decision you need to make. It’s the most special, right? As for it, the season, the month, the day must be very well weighted. All these details make the big difference.

[Thought: it’s the most important day of our lives.]


The budget

Decide the budget. On it must be considered all the expenses: wedding cake, entertainment, honeymoon, the wedding event. Every expense must be evaluated through a percentage and even sorted by importance. You will find that will always have things more important than others. The number of guests must be considered too, once the budget will depend strongly on this number.

[Thought: the budget will be very weighted and nothing will be forgotten.]


Wedding invitations

They are going to be sent in advance. The guests need to be prepared for the wedding of the year. For this reason, the wedding invitations must the first details to be prepared. In advance, there are no excuses.

The guest list will change but the sit places need to be defined. The guest’s presence confirmation must be required urgently in order to visit the event localization more certain about the number of guests. Only giving this information the provider can exactly give the budget.

[Though: the most important persons of our lives will all be there.]


The place of the wedding event

The place it’s important. The budget on person too. The menu it’s crucial! Try and make the final proves one month before the big day.

[Thought: To our guests, this will be one of the most happier and best days of his lives too. It will be memorable.]


The Groom suit and the Bride’s wedding dress

One or another will depend on the wedding date’s decision. The season of the year has a huge influence on electing the dresses.

[Thought: it’s our obligation to be the protagonists of this wonderful wedding party.]

The bride: there are lots of options – lace, satin… lace stays super elegant. Short or long or low-cut dresses. The selection will be influenced by the bride’s personality and taste. And she will probably have her mother and friend’s support.

The groom: he is, nowadays, a protagonist too and the man has just started to be pickier. Blue, grey, burgundy and gold are the top colours. Brocade, light smooth fabrics, irreverent patterns… the options are enormous. You don’t need to be worried; he will for sure find him the PERFECT SUIT. We give some suggestions. If you are not satisfied enough, take a look into the Collection 2020.

blue groom suit

bronze groom suit

bordeaux groom suit

Other details (last but not least)

The wedding rings. Must be very well thought and judiciously elected. They will be on your hand all the rest of your life.  For the bride: make up, hair stylist, manicure.

[Thought: All the details are considered and thought. If they don’t, please someone tell us. Be our real friend.]

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