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Tailcoat: when, how and who can wear it?

18 February 2021

Tailcoat: when, how and who can wear it?

Tailcoat: when, how and who can wear it?

Each groom has its own personality and style. As for it, in Roberto Vicentti, we designed the collection 1001 Emotions composed by four proposals which can make you feel different emotions. With this, our desire is that every man feels themselves wearing the chosen suit. Many may have thought that the ideal suit would be a tailcoat although... do you know when and how you must choose this piece? We can help you understand and know everything.

When to wear a tailcoat?

On the wedding day, you must bet on a look that better fits you and your wedding style and still, the celebrating time and even, the place where the wedding party will take its place. Follow the protocol is essential on such an important event. The tailcoat is subject to restricted rules.  It’s a piece that, erstwhile, English gentlemen wore when they used to ride a horse, during the day. As for it, this piece is automatically associated with weddings that happen on that part of the day.  Now, it’s easy to understand why the piece is open once they can feel more comfortably when they got up and raised their arms.

How is it the tailcoat?

This suit is composed by a jacket, a windsor tie, a double cuff shirt, cufflinks and a waistcoat.

  • Jacket: with one button, long and rounded behind. It’s unmistakable. The most elegant colors are grey and black. Blue is strongly highlighted, too.  
  • Trousers: must be plain or with vertical stripes, always combining the patterns with the jacket.
  • Waistcoat: can be of two types. It will depend on the tastes of the groom and how it will feel more comfortable, or mean, choosing a normal or crusader model. The normal one has 6 buttons on the same row and the crossed model has two rows of three buttons.
  • Shirt: respecting shirts, there no options. It must be white and with an Italian collar, no buttons. It must have double fist to wear cufflinks.
  • Tie: on choosing the tie, we have it more freedom. The only real obligation: Windsor knot. It must be perfect combined with the waistcoat. This complement will add personality to your style.
  • Shoes: tailcoat requires string shoes, without print, in plain color.
  • Hats and gloves: the most daring grooms could even add these complements to make  your look stand out of the crowd.

Who can wear a tailcoat?

You must know that if the groom choose a tailcoat, the guests can choose it too. But in this case, only him familiars and friends could introduce with tailcoat on the wedding day. At the end, the groom is the one that must indicate how the rest of the guests must wear. If the groom chooses a tailcoat, at the least the best man and the groomsmen must wear tailcoat. This rule is admitted in weddings that happen before  19 hours.

Had we helped you with your doubts about the tailcoat? Get to know Wedding, Eternal, Trend and Special Edition, in which you’ll find, certainly, the suit adapted to you, in perfection.

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