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The best options for a romantic but daring look

17 May 2022

The best options for a romantic but daring look

The best options for a romantic but daring look

Romanticism is not at odds with modernity. In the world of wedding fashion, a new style of groom's suits is taking the spotlight, that stands out for combining both facets, with fabrics, colours and accessories that break with tradition and are pure charisma and passion. The brand Roberto Vicentti is a clear example of how these two qualities, so desirable in terms of style, are combined and give shape to unique proposals with character. Are you getting married and looking for an outfit with these characteristics? This post is for you.

style of groom's suits

Do you want to be a modern and daring groom, but still convey the romanticism required for the occasion? Modernity and passion are the perfect combination when it comes to wedding style. A combination that maintains the two elemental essences for a moment like this. Tradition and sobriety, which bring out your committed and formal side, together with that character that makes you unique and reminds your partner of everything that made him or her fall in love with you.

modern and daring groom

Roberto Vicentti's brand philosophy conveys the image of a romantic but innovative groom, with proposals of classic essence that add a touch of daring. Through its Wedding line of suits, design is very present, with ceremonial fabrics that incorporate subtle sparkles, creating a collection that is pure sophistication.

The transgressive style is palpable in a very discreet way but enough to form a look with character that is the centre of attention. A collection that gives life and explosion to the traditional grey, blue and green colours, with textures that are out of the ordinary, charismatic prints and shades that contrast with each other, creating unique and unrepeatable outfits.

romantic but innovative groom

Exclusivity and elegance are two of the values that characterise Roberto Vicentti's Wedding collection, designed to dress grooms in an irresistible and unique way. The classic wedding suit is reborn with new stylistic proposals, which give it a protagonism never seen before and make it a model to follow, forming the perfect tandem with the bride that conveys pure luxury, art and passion.

Exclusivity and elegance

So, if you don't like to go unnoticed and are looking for an overwhelming look, get inspired by the tempting proposals of this collection of groom's suits, which shows in an innovative way the masculine character and seduction. These modern and daring trends will make an impact on first impressions and will leave an everlasting mark. Do you dare to be an irresistible groom?

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