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The groom’s personality

05 November 2020

The groom’s personality

The groom’s personality

Glamour and elegance. Our commitment for the grooms: offering you all year round, the best options for your wedding day, suits that fits you perfectly and last but not least, that reflect your personality.

Each detail of the wedding day must transmit the essence of the groom but more important than that is being loyal to your style. You and her moving togeth er, comfortable and as a pair, glimpse an incomparable sophistication.

To better adapt to each groom, in Roberto Vicentti, we created a new collection: 1001 Emotions, because we faithfully defend that each man must dress the way he feels and it must be able to transmit his way of being, thinking and acting.

Are you looking for the perfect groom’s suit? We can help you find it through your personality.

The romantic groom

If you’re the type of groom that defines the wedding day as the most special moment of your life, who shares each detail with your family and friends and for whom, love and friendship are key to achieve plain happiness; the WEDDING collection is for you.

Between the proposals, you’ll find traditional but innovative groom’s suits in interesting colours like Bordeaux, grey and blues. Classic options with bold details and very well designed. The romantic grooms will completely fall in love with this collection.

romantic groom blue

romantic groom bordeaux

The adventurous groom

Enthusiasm and fun! Are these familiar emotions for you? Are you a man that loves adventure and novelty? In Roberto Vicentti we had created a collection thought and designed to dress the grooms who consider wedding as an adventure but equally as a serious and important step, too.

If you can find yourself reflected on the personality described, you’ll consider the ETERNAL Collection your great travel companion. If you take a look on Eternal collection, you’ll find the classicism of the fabrics and its quality together with a modern design that converts each piece into bridal jewellery.

adventurous groom blue

adventurous groom bordeuax

The bold groom

TREND is the name of the collection we present on 1001 Emotions for the bold grooms. it's for the outgoing gentlemen whose desire is to share with their brides the role of the big day. 

Gentlemanly, trustworthy and beautiful. Three adjectives can describe the groom who dresses in suits from Trend collection. He lives to wed with vanity and looks for an irreverent and extravagant collection that reflects his personality.

bold groom blue

bold groom brocade

The relaxed groom

Are you a groom for whom joy, comfort, fun and gratitude are fundamental values? The SPECIAL EDITION man lives his wedding to the fullest and his unique goal is making, together with the most important people to him, such a special moment. Transmiting calm is one of his qualities. 

We created a Special edition so that the grooms who see themselves with this personality could dress in a Roberto Vicentti suit. They broadcast serenity and are ideal to reflect tranquility, peace and quiet and still even more, glamour.

relaxed groom grey

relaxed groom green

We hope we had helped you find out which your personality is and which collection from 1001 Emotions better fits you. Did we achieve our goal? Which collection will you choose?

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