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The most common mistakes when choosing your groom's suit

28 December 2021

The most common mistakes when choosing your groom's suit

The most common mistakes when choosing your groom's suit

When choosing your groom's suit, it is necessary to analyze several factors. The person who accompanies you to the store, your state of mind, the professional who attends you or the trends of the moment will be elements that can help in the decision you make in the end. As a groom, you have the last word, but first you should be aware of several common mistakes that grooms usually make and that you should avoid if you want to make the right choice. It's about enjoying the moment and feeling that the chosen look is the one that brings out the best in you. To help you, here is a summary of what not to do if you want it to be that way. Are you ready?

groom's suit

Guiding yourself only by what is fashionable will never be a good option. If you are drawn to certain designs displayed in catalogs or trend blogs, consider that it will always be the way those designs fit you. If you like them in the photo but don't feel comfortable in it, it's not your suit.

Opt for a fabric that doesn't match the season. If you are getting married in the cold months, choose cool fabrics like wool, tweed or cotton. On the other hand, if your wedding is in the spring or summer, fabrics like linen or cool wool, mixed with silk or alpaca, will be safe. In all cases, look for pieces that are light, but with texture and in turn, consistency.

fabric groom

Choose a black suit if your wedding is in the daytime. Black, in the same way as tuxedo or lace, are ideal options for evening weddings, as protocol dictates. For daylight ceremonies, opt for suits in gray, bronze or blue colors. The chromatic options are endless.

black suit

Overload the look with too many accessories. Accessories are like the cherry on top of the cake, but in excess or if they don't work properly, they can prevent you from achieving the best look. Strive for visual harmony and use the golden rule: less is more. Pocket handkerchief, tie needle, and pin at the same time might be too much. Skip one of them. Make sure your shoes don't steal too much of the limelight. Make sure they match the style you select but don't stand out too much, and choose a model with laces. And remember, if you choose suspenders, it is forbidden to wear a belt.

look and accessories

Not taking your height and complexion into consideration when choosing a suit can cause unwanted optical effects that visually deform your silhouette. For a perfect fit, try for example to make sure that the width of the jacket reaches just where the buttocks end, no more and no less.

Choose a slim cut and a slim tie, and a more relaxed pattern if you are taller. If your body is somewhat particular, you should ideally opt for a tailored suit.

choosing a suit

Getting the wrong shirt is another of the most common mistakes when choosing your bridal outfit. Always select your shirt taking into account the style of the suit and the type of accessory it requires: collar butto down, classic, cutaway, banded collar, full cutaway our wing tip tuxedo, regardless of whether you wear a tie, bow tie, or bow tie. Don't underestimate the proportions of these accessories and how well they match the size of your lapels. Try to visually create a harmonious and elegant ensemble. And remember that cufflinks are worn on double cuff or French cuff shirts.

bridal outfit

Not trying out new colors is a mistake if you want to find the perfect groom suit for you. Even if you are used to wearing black or blue, there may be shades that highlight your features and features much more. You shouldn't say yes to a suit without first giving it a chance in that unfamiliar but powerful color palette for your image. Experiment, discard, and choose wisely.

perfect groom suit for you

Try to save up with an arrangement and entrust it to anyone. The arrangement will be the one that will give the final touch to your suit and that will adapt it perfectly to your body, paying special attention to those points that should never be neglected. It will avoid unwanted wrinkles that diminish your elegance, in areas such as the back, the arm and the armpit ensuring that the neck is adapted to the curvature of your back. Always seek out a good professional.

Choosing a costume that doesn't feel like you will be the biggest mistake you can make. If you are adored by your mother or your partner, but you don't adore them that much, be guided by your intuition first. Remember that your self-confidence will be the determining factor in how amazing you will appear to other people. Look for it at all times.

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