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The perfect soundtrack for a beach wedding

20 July 2022

The perfect soundtrack for a beach wedding

The perfect soundtrack for a beach wedding

Romanticism, nature and magic are the elements that characterize a beach wedding. A celebration with a unique charm, whose soundtrack must match the event, blend in with the surroundings and transmit the perfect vibrations to achieve the ideal atmosphere. Are you getting married on the beach and looking for inspiration to choose the perfect music? Don't miss the following post.

The beach is the perfect scenario to experience the essence of nature in its purest state, as there are few landscapes as intense and emotional as the sea. With its textures, colours and sounds, weddings in this environment have a genuine character, but their organisation demands a certain amount of exigency for the event to shine in its maximum splendour. If in a previous post we advised you the five best outfits for a beach wedding, this time our protagonist is the music, undoubtedly an essential and magical aspect in any wedding celebration.

The perfect music for a beach wedding requires first and foremost to harmonise with the ambience and to guarantee a warm and genuine sound, to achieve the ideal romantic and festive scenario. It should be adapted to the style of the event and always convey the personality of the bride and groom. Your character defines your wedding and not the other way around, don't forget it!

On a beach, the organisation of the musical part often takes on extra complexity. As it is a somewhat wild environment, it is always a little more difficult to install electrical wiring compared to events in a farmhouse or indoor spaces already set up. Therefore, if you are getting married in a place that is difficult to access, acoustic music will be your best ally. The plucking of a guitar with an accompanying voice, the softness of a harp or the romanticism of a violin will be enough to give an emotional touch to the atmosphere. Intimate options that will surely bring more than a tear to the eye of your friends and family, increasing the intensity of the moment and creating a spectacular atmosphere.

The ceremony songs should always be the most symbolic ones, especially those played at the entrance, during the exchange of rings or the reading of the vows. For a beach wedding, there are incredible alternative rock versions of 90's classics and covers of mythical ballads in instrumental music, which are also perfect to liven up the aperitif or as ambient music at this type of event. For example, look for songs that remind you of your beginnings as a couple or that take you back to your adolescence. You can also opt for the soundtrack of a film that is representative for you. The options are endless!

To add a fresh and fun touch to the event and on beaches where the infrastructure allows it, setting up a small stage and hiring a live band will make your wedding unforgettable and keep your friends and family dancing until dawn. American folk, Cuban and Mediterranean rhythms or pop-rock will be perfect options depending on the style you want to give to the party. Alternatively, a good DJ to liven up the evening will be the cherry on the cake. Always make sure that the DJ is specialised in the type of music you like the most and don't forget to give him or her a list of the songs that can't be missed.

Although Chill Out or Deep House are the most popular styles for beach events, the type of music chosen for the party should always convey your personality. Are you a salsa bride and groom? Do you like intimate boleros? Are you a fan of 60's rock? Each couple is different and the music played at your wedding should have that personal touch, without forgetting, of course, the tastes of your guests and the style of the celebration. The mixture of all these elements will result in a perfect and incomparable soundtrack. Because the right music is always capable of touching the heart.

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