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The perfect wedding proposal: 10 tricks to declare your love

30 November 2021

The perfect wedding proposal: 10 tricks to declare your love

The perfect wedding proposal: 10 tricks to declare your love

She is the love of your life. You can feel it for a long time now, and you believe that the moment for the official proposal has come. A proposal like she truly deserves, as good as your relationship: special, elegant, with a certain level.

There are many ways to declare your love to your girlfriend, but do you want to leave a great memory in the heart and story of the two of you? We'll tell you a few tricks so you can leave her speechless.

She dreams about a proposal that one day you can tell your grandchildren’s about. An emotional love statement, that brings tears into your eyes just by thinking about it. You have all expectations on you, the love of her life. This is a huge responsibility, but you have everything you need to surprise and thrill her: you´re crazy about her. First things first: be brave and confident about yourself.

     1. The first and most important thing you need for a cinema kind of proposal, it´s a special piece of jewelry that shows your commitment to each other. To win in this decision it´s really important to nail the wedding ring size. You have many ways to find that out. Going straight to the point and ask her could be suspicious, so the best way is to open her jewelry box and “steal” a ring that she doesn’t use that much. Make sure that you return it immediately after you buy the other one.

     2. In second place: choose the right scenario. Remember where you first kissed? The place where you met her for the first time? You can always surprise her with a dinner in a special restaurant or in another place that leave her speechless. If the spot of the proposal have a meaning for the two of you it´s going to be ten times better!

     3. Prepare your speech. Sometimes a short and straight to the point sentence is way more emotional than a long speech. If you´re in a familiar scenario for the two of you, a joke about the beginning of you relationship or a “remember when?” can be a great introduction to the point.

     4. Certainly, if you are an improvise kind of person, the spontaneity it´s also a safe bet and it can be a fun twist to your proposal. Let the moment inspire you and let the words come out of your heart. She will love it anyway. 

     5. In a wedding proposal, the surprise effect is everything. Even know that it´s hard to hide something in your hands; try to not let it slip away. Ask for help to a mutual friend or someone in the family, if you need to. Be discreet. Prepare it with time but in secret. And the most important thing: don´t keep the ring at home so she doesn´t find out.

     6. Hire a photographer to immortalize the moment. Share with him the place and time of the proposal and make him part of the surprise. She will love to have professional and quality photographic material to share the big news with family and friends.

     7. Choose your outfit wisely. To dress well for the occasion it´s a must! Your outfit choice it´s going to be based on the scenario and it must reflect the best version of you. A suit with neutral colors and casual style it´s perfect for outdoor or in a nature environment kind of proposals. If the occasion requires a more elegant mood, like a restaurant or in a candle light environment, choose darker colors that can bring magic and mystery to the moment. Don’t forget: she will always find you irresistible.

     8. Music is the language of the soul, capable of bring you back to moments and memories that generate deep emotions. That said, your perfect declaration it cannot be forgotten. The options are infinites, since the most ambitious like take her to see her favorite band or hire live music and dance till noon; to the simplest ones like park the car in the woods while watching the sunset with your song playing in the background. Guaranteed emotion!

     9. A truly movie kind of proposal. Rent a car and go pick her up as if she is a really Hollywood star. Choose a limousine, a convertible car or another model that you know that she likes. It´s a way to generate expectations and bring glamour touch to the moment so you never forget it.

     10. Last but not least, be yourself. Whatever you do and whatever the plan is, make sure it shows the real you and the essence of you relationship. She loves you for who you are and she will love to see the person who she felt in love for in that moment. Your personal stamp is your best weapon. Don’t forget it. Are you ready to show your love?

Yes, I do!

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