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Tie, cravat or bowtie?

11 March 2020

Tie, cravat or bowtie?

Tie, cravat or bowtie?

The groom has the right and duty to be fashionable and well presented on the day of his weeding, with the simplicity and elegance he deserves. Pared with the groom’s suit, it’s as important the accessories.

Tie, cravat or bowtie are nearly an obligation. Most time a challenge to choose.

The tie, considered in a first instant a must and strictly mandatory in a formal event, has gained challenging competitors – cravats and bowties. These last accessories stated are nevertheless a substitute to the tie. Both have to be used following specific rules.

 When to use a tie?

A tie is a classic accessory, one that will never run out of style.

 Nowadays, the range of options is endless and enormous. Different fabrics, colours, prints and textures. The grooms tend to go for more shiny colours and with contrast to the suit. Ideally, the tie needs to be the same tone as the handkerchief.

 With a tailcoat the use of a tie is mandatory. However, except a smoking, can be used with all kinds of suits.


 Some tips:

The knot must always be nicely done ( there are various types of knots)

The end of the tie must not be too high up from the belt neither too low.

 When to use a cravat?

It is said that this accessory is to be used by the protagonist of the weeding therefore, the groom.

A cravat is a wider tie, shorter and with a discreet and hidden knot.

A cravat always goes well with a waistcoat, in the same colour or in contrast. Can be complemented with an additional detail, like a gemstone or used simply on its own. A cravat is also a good option to complement a tailcoat look.


 When to use a bowtie?

 Bowties give you a modern and chic look, once associated with formal events and parties. Nowadays, bowties are a indispensable accessory in a man’s daily life, even used in important meetings.

A man that wants to draw a distinction/standout must consider a bowtie as a mandatory accessory in his closet. Even more, on his weeding day.

 “Bowties are for different men” some even affirm that “ using a bowtie makes a man happier.”

With a smoking, you must always use a bowtie that differs with the white shirt. It is not recommended with a tailcoat, however ... there are no rules.


 Make the best choice. We have showed a few above. Foremost, the choice must be adequate to your personality and taste.

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