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Traditional or modern wedding? That is the question

19 May 2023

Traditional or modern wedding? That is the question

Traditional or modern wedding? That is the question

Keeping wedding traditions 100% or going for a wedding that breaks all the rules? A traditional wedding is a great occasion to honour your cultural or religious heritage, while a modern wedding will allow you to express your creativity to the fullest. In this post, we will analyse the differences between both types of wedding, to help you decide the style of the celebration. Ready?

Getting married is, in essence, a classic and traditional event. An event focused on commitment, family life and the commemoration of certain ancestral traditions, repeated millions of years ago from generation to generation. However, nowadays, the wedding universe allows an infinite number of variations to create a groundbreaking, modern and alternative wedding. This dichotomy between classic and modern makes it difficult to choose what nuances to give to your celebration.

A traditional wedding is characterised by strictly following certain rules and protocols established by culture or religion. This type of wedding tends to be more formal and conservative in terms of style and decoration, starting with the invitation and ending with the design and layout of the tables at the banquet. In terms of outfits, dark, elegant suits with ties, cravats and shoes are the norm. Traditional weddings require certain rituals, such as the exchange of rings and vows, the presentation of the parents, the blessing by a priest or the signing of a marriage contract.

On the other hand, a modern wedding tends to be more personalised and tailored to the couple's tastes and preferences. These weddings are more flexible in terms of style, decoration and protocol. Anything is allowed, as long as it speaks to your essence and conveys your personality. Apart from dispensing with some of the more classic and traditional rituals, modern weddings can also include surprising elements such as themed ceremonies, outdoor parties, alternative food or live music.

In terms of attire, a modern wedding is a good fit for more casual outfits, such as tweed jackets and more daring combinations of colours and textures. The relaxed atmosphere gives you more freedom to express yourself and the lack of protocol allows you to choose an outfit that you can move and dance until dawn.

A wedding is one of the most important moments of a couple's life and also, of course, for their family and closest friends. Therefore, when deciding, you may want to consider the wishes of significant people in your life. Often you may choose to maintain certain traditions to make some of your family members happy, especially the older ones. After all, the essence of this act is love in every sense.

While both options have their advantages and disadvantages, the important thing is to choose the one that best suits your style. Without a doubt, the smartest thing to do nowadays is to plan a bespoke wedding, keeping the traditional elements that make you feel comfortable and adding your personal touch to the rest. Whether it is a traditional wedding or a modern wedding, it is an event that marks the beginning of a new life together, so what is important is the love and happiness of sharing this special moment. Enjoy!

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