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Tuxedo: When to wear it?

22 March 2021

Tuxedo: When to wear it?

Tuxedo: When to wear it?

Tuxedo is one of the available suits for the groom and the guests and one of the preferred options inside male etiquette. Its origin belongs to sigle XIX in great Britain.

Even tough, during the years, it has been suffering some changes influenced by Fashion trends, like in the size and colors of the pockets, sleeves and lapels.

“One groom, different emotions”: the motto of Roberto Vicentti’s 1001 Emotions collections. It’s enriched on exclusivity and elegance including tuxedo suits. Each of them gives off the essence of the firm and enhances the distinguished character of the company.

How is it designed?

Smoking has four different pieces and Roberto Vicentti have different models available composed by jacket, shirt, trousers, bow tie and sash.

- Jacket: the tuxedo jacket does not have a tail like the morning coat or even the tailcoat, and it is usually black. Are allowed other modern tones as the patterns too. We present some on 1001 Emotions. The jacket must be closed with a front button and the lapel must be of satin (unlike the rest of the garment).

- Shirt: the shirt of a tuxedo must have a formal placket that covers the buttons and a collar that accommodates the bow tie. Usually, it’s white.

- Bow tie: must be black, although other colors are allowed too.

- Sash or waistcoat: the sash must be one the same color of the bow tie and must be presented smooth or pleated. It’s important to know that the use of the sash does not allow the use of the waistcoat and vice versa.

- Trousers: the trousers must be manufactured on the same pattern of the jacket and usually shows off in black.

These are the basic garments of a tuxedo although this type of suit also allows the incorporation of different complements as yarn socks or black shoes of laces.

When to wear a tuxedo?

The tuxedo can be wore on parties and ceremonies celebrated at the evening or at night, totally forbidden on morning ceremonies, on which we recommend the use a morning coat or a dark suit. The tuxedo is perfect for dinners and galas. In addition, some tips must be considered in order to correctly wear this piece:

  • The jacket of the tuxedo must be dark. Even if a light color is desired, must be worn on summer or spring celebrations. Nevertheless, black and blue are the adequate colors.
  • The pocket square may be underestimated but if don’t, must be white, of thread or cotton.
  • The tuxedo is a suit that does not accept accessories like gloves or hat.

The tuxedo is, therefore, male attire reserved for parties and night shows. In England is known as dinner jackets or black ties and in America and Europe as tuxedo. Are you ready for the next event?

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