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Wedding on horseback: elements for a wedding with a natural essence

19 April 2022

Wedding on horseback: elements for a wedding with a natural essence

Wedding on horseback: elements for a wedding with a natural essence

Horses are truly inspirational animals. Their nobility and symbolism, associated with courage and masculinity, make them great travelling companions for one of the most important days of your life, bringing an extra dose of majestyc, emotion and power. If you are a groom with a passion for nature, a celebration where these animals get part of the attention will undoubtedly be a magical experience, difficult to forget. In the following post, we inspire you to create an authentic natural and wild wedding. Will you join us?

groom with a passion for nature

Your mind and spirit cry out to return to your essence, connect with Mother Nature and banish any artifice that masks its power. If you are a lover of nature, your wedding should reflect that unique feeling. And to achieve this, the setting, the elements, the ambience and of course, your outfit, must be in tune. A romantic ceremony on the beach will allow you to enjoy this unique moment in a free and easy way, while still being yourself. And in this idyllic setting, an entrance on the back of a stunning horse will be a perfect way to offer majestic and elegance to the moment, enhancing that natural feeling of absolute freedom.

romantic ceremony on the beach

entrance on the back of a stunning horse

Horses are animals rich in symbolism, associated with freedom, determination and courage, prevailing and powerful values to inspire your commitment and life together. Their personality is tenacious and peaceful; they do not give up easily in the face of adversity and are always ready to continue. No distance is too challenging for them. They are pure instinct, strength and kindness.

Horses are animals rich in symbolism

Their features fit perfectly in a natural, boho and sustainablestyle wedding, a trend that is increasingly on the rise in the bridal universe and in society in general. And to follow it, suits that allow you absolute freedom of movement, with textures with which to be and feel, without rigidity or artificiality, such as proposed by Roberto Vicentti in its Feel collection, take on relevance. A range of suits perfect for grooms looking for serenity and comfort, with a markedly Ibiza style for beach weddings or relaxed, laid-back events, but without losing respect for style. The proposal includes linen suits in bright colors, such as burgundy, green or light blue, which merge and create emotional and unique synergies.

linen suits in bright colors

natural, boho and sustainable style wedding

Perfect designs for a wedding on horseback, which can also be held in other less common natural and countryside settings, such as a country clubs where these splendid animals can be unleashed. And if you are looking to incorporate elements of the equestrian world into your celebration, all you have to do is arrive triumphantly at the ceremony with a horse-drawn carriage to add a natural and wild touch to the event. Spectacular, don't you think?

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