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What is the best month of the year to get married?

07 February 2023

What is the best month of the year to get married?

What is the best month of the year to get married?

Each season of the year has its peculiarities, colours and idyllic settings. That's why, when choosing the best month to get married, you should always weigh up the pros and cons to make the right decision. In the following post, we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each season of the year, so you can make the best decision without any surprises or unforeseen events. Take note!

the best month to get married

Choosing the wedding date is the first step after the engagement. This choice will depend on many factors such as, for example, the venue or style of the celebration, whether the day is symbolic for both of you or whether the season of the year fits into your schedules. The truth is that each month has its pros and cons, with aspects ranging from the weather, the hours of sunshine and the work calendar. So what is the best month of the year to get married? It is difficult to answer this question, as each month has its particularities, its charm and its challenges. This is why choosing your wedding date will always be a very personal decision.

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the wedding date has to be special

In spring, flowers are reborn and love is kindled. It is that time of year that mainly encompasses the months of April, May and June and marks the start of the wedding season, as the good weather and mild temperatures are an excellent reason to enjoy the festive atmosphere. Getting married in spring offers you beautiful landscapes where you can capture unforgettable moments, a multitude of floral options and, above all, that thermal balance that only the intermediate seasons have. However, April and May are also months when the rains can arrive suddenly, followed by a wonderful sunny day, and when night falls, it may be necessary to take shelter from the cold, especially at the beginning of the season.

beach wedding

July, August and September are the preferred months for most couples, largely due to the weather and the high availability. In warm months, where you can choose any setting or environment without any problem; where you feel like extending the party until late at night and where you will have more options to create different environments in the same outdoor space. Plus, with more hours of sunshine, there will be plenty of time to capture spectacular photographs. However, the high temperature can be uncomfortable for people who feel hotter and the summer can increase prices due to higher demand, so it's not all good news.

summer wedding

wedding with country details

October and November bring to the celebrations a beautiful autumn colour, with a wide contrast of tones, giving a lot of play in the decoration of the different wedding spaces. In this season, weddings during the day look great and allow you to enjoy outdoor spaces with mild and pleasant temperatures. Autumn is increasingly in demand by couples looking to get married in less crowded seasons, although it can often be inconvenient to disconnect from work during these months, depending on the professional sector you work in.

wedding in october and november

outdoor weddings

And for lovers of exclusive celebrations, who can tolerate low temperatures, weddings in December and January are also a great option. Getting married in these months allows you to enjoy intimate evenings with elements rarely seen in the wedding universe, but which add genuine and unrepeatable nuances to the decoration and photographs. Getting married at Christmas or New Year will add an unforgettable touch to your wedding. One inconvenience: it will always have to be held indoors. Either way, each month has its unique charisma, because, in the end, it is the personality of each couple that makes a celebration unique and special.

What about you? Do you already know in which month of the year you’re going to say “I do”?

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