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Winter wedding tips

13 February 2024

Winter wedding tips

Winter wedding tips

The warmer seasons are usually the favourite for celebrating these events. However, a winter wedding can be just as enchanting and unique, while at the same time provides a romantic and cosy atmosphere. Despite the icy beauty of this season, it is nonetheless a different celebration, where the snowflakes bear witness to the beginning of a love’s journey. Here are some tips to keep in mind when organising your winter wedding.

Choose a cosy location.
Opt for an indoor venue with a cosy, warm atmosphere. It's important that the space is comfortable and takes into account all the characteristics of the season. If there’s outdoor space, make sure there are options for guests to be in these atmosphere. Make warm blankets available for guests, especially if the event takes place outdoors. Space heaters are also a good option to keep everyone warm.

Winter-themed decoration.
Be original and use decorations that exploit the beauty of the season. Winter tones - dark green, burgundy, gold - give a nostalgic atmosphere and combine perfectly with more muted colours such as white. Candles, soft lights and elements such as pine cones or branches can add that special touch. Go for seasonal flowers such as camellias, starflowers, freesias and roses to make the atmosphere truly magical.

Seasonal menu.
Choose a menu that includes warm, comforting dishes, prioritising seasonal ingredients such as chestnuts, cabbage, asparagus, persimmons and pomegranates. Soups and stews accompanied by a hot drink are excellent options. Offering a hot chocolate station, for example, can add a special touch.

Grooms suits.
Bearing in mind the seasonal climate, both the bride's and groom's outfits should be warm and comfortable. For the groom, you can find beautiful options at Roberto Vicentti here. Remember to suggest your guests that they also come prepared for the cold.

Personalised souvenirs.
Taking advantage of the seaon’s uniqueness, offer winter-inspired souvenirs such as scented candles, homemade biscuits, full-bodied red wine or a personalised teacup.

Music and Photography.
During the winter, nature offers us enchanting scenery if we take advantage of it. Use these settings and take photographs in the snow, at sunset or with elements such as candles and lights and create moments that will last forever. If possible, consider including live musicians or a band, choosing songs that mean something to bride and groom, creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

And don't forget to have a plan B for the weather. It's important to consider adverse weather conditions. Be on the lookout for heated tents or alternative venues for both the reception and ceremony.

Remember that every wedding is unique, so feel free to adapt these suggestions to suit your personal style. On this special day, let yourself be enveloped by the winter’s magic, where love blossoms in the midst of the cold and memories are created like rain falling from the sky. Here's to this celebration, where the beauty of winter is the soundtrack to a love story that transcends all seasons.

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