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Workout routines to get in shape 6 months before your wedding

05 April 2022

Workout routines to get in shape 6 months before your wedding

Workout routines to get in shape 6 months before your wedding

Paying attention to the equilibrium of your mind and body is essential. You may already have healthy habits built into your life that ensure this, but if you don't, the months leading up to your wedding are the perfect time to start creating those routines, which will benefit you in the present, help make up for past excesses and set you on the path to a healthier future in every way. Of course, all of this will make you feel and look great on your wedding day. Are you up for it?

equilibrium of your mind and body

Workout is one of the essential habits to establish in your daily life. Obviously, apart from the visible benefits it will cause you and which may be the main reason for you to start, the advantages of having training routines will extend to many other areas of your life. Being fit is not just about looking good physically. It is also strongly linked to mood and physical health, as well as the way our body prepares itself to face growth.

Workout is one of the essential habits

Your wedding is definitely the perfect excuse to exercise and make these habits a permanent part of your life. If you don't know where to start, a good way is to think about what motivates you most, your tastes and hobbies. You will certainly find a way to exercise and enjoy yourself at the same time. Are you a lover of the sea? You can try water sports, such as kitesurfing, paddle surfing or surfing. Do you love having fun with your friends? Bet on a team sport or sign up for dance classes with your partner, it's a good way to strengthen your connection and socialize. Are you introspective and enjoy meditation? You'll love going for a run with your music or going for a walk in the countryside, if you're a free spirit.

Your wedding is definitely the perfect excuse to exercise

Once you have chosen the most suitable area for you, you should be aware that to get fit before your wedding, it is advisable to combine weekly cardiovascular exercise with strength training. In the first case, running, cycling, swimming or even walking at a fast pace will be perfect to exercise your heart. Two or three times a week is enough to start with, but you can increase the frequency as the months go by. Give it your best.

to get fit before your wedding

When it comes to strength training, it's good to start gently and gradually increase the intensity. If you don't belong to a gym, you can easily get a weight kit to train at home. The key to this discipline is to push yourself, but be moderate. Two sets of ten are sufficient, combining leg exercises, such as squats; basic movements, such as doing sit-ups; and arm exercises, such as lifting small dumbbells or even push-ups will be enough.

 strength training

Remember, commitment to yourself and the routines you establish are essential, so don't lose focus. It's about establishing habits in the months before your wedding. It's not about getting something perishable in a fleeting way. So don't be too hard on yourself if you don't see immediate results. Like any healthy habit, the benefits take some time to arrive, but when they do, they are long-lasting and well worth it. And remember, there's no goal you can't achieve if you really set your mind to it and are positive, persistent and tenacious. Courage and... let's play!

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